Monday, February 8, 2016

Days of the Dead - February 5-7, 2016 - Atlanta, GA

If anyone can help fill in the blanks or correct mistakes, please drop a line!
Official Site: Days of the Dead

Bill Mosely25Made deals for multiples
Sid Haig2010 for your item
Kane Hodder30Made deals for multiples
PJ Soles20Photos free regardless of purchase
Phil Anselmo3020
Antonieta Pari20
Jordan Ladd20
Robert Mukes25Made deals for multiples
Chyna4040More for "premium items"
Ted Raimi4020
Heather Langenkamp3040 for 2, 60 for 3, I Am Nancy DVDs for 20
Jeremy Bulloch3040 for larger than 8x10
Ian Whyte2520 for your item, 30 for larger than 8x10
Tony Todd302040
Tyler Mane3020 for signed Compound Fracture DVD
C. Thomas Howell4040
Alex Vincent2530 for larger than 8x10
Billy Dee Williams50No Photos
Tobin Bell40No Photos
Ric Flair5040
Cassandra Peterson30??
Camille Keaton30
Tony Moran
Jim Rose
Cerina Vincent
James Debello
Oliver Robbins
Martin Casella
John Dugan

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