Welcome to the Convention Cost Blog!

The idea is simple, with so many conventions and costs being the way they are, people are always looking to find out ahead of time how much a particular celebrity is. What the goal here is, is to collect historical data from whatever shows we can and gather it all in one place. It helps to be able to budget since we generally cannot get the prices ahead of time. This data should help con goers budget their trips. No, it will not always be exact, but should help avoid sticker shock and allow better planning.

At least that is the idea.

I only go to so many shows a year and will only be able to provide a small amount of data. So, if you are going to a show or recently went to a show and can provide accurate pricing information, visit the Contact page and drop a line so a post can be updated, or a new con post can be made. The more information we can get, the more useful this site will be!

I certainly hope you find it helpful!

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