Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chiller Theatre - October 24-26, 2015 - Parsippany, NJ

If anyone can help fill in the blanks or correct mistakes, please drop a line!
Official Site:

Michael Rooker5040
Adam West80100 for your item, no Photos
Burt Ward60
Julie Newmar404060 for posters/your item, unsure which
Bill Mumy30
Angela Cartwright
Marta Kristen
Mark Goddard
Dayton Callie3050Add 5 if you select an 8x10 from his table
Robby Benson30305040/50 for larger flats and toys
Paige O'Hara
Richard White303040/50 for larger flats and toys
Karla Devito
Jery Hewitt
Bill Anagnos
Eddie Earl Hatch
Leon Delaney
Tim Capello20
Stefan Arngrim
Marky Ramone30
Linda Blair4060
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Prices varied, photos were free regardless of purchase
John Amos
C.Thomas Howell4040
Ralph Macchio4040
Frank Henenlotter20
Patty Mullen20
James Lorinz20Likes to do multiple photos/poses.
Gary Sales
Paul Ehlers
Tom Candela
Michael Sullivan
Harriet Bass
Sybil Danning3030 for bnw pics. Color are 40 and partial nudes are 50. Mini posters 70
Richard Thomas40
Ron Ely
Ace Frehley30
Ian Ziering4040
Paul Sorvino4040
PJ Soles20Photo only is free!
Linda Henning
Gunilla Hutton
Barbi Benton302540 for nudes, 50 for Playboys
Misty Rowe
Lulu Roman
Veronica Cartwright30
Brooke Smith20
Barbara Crampton25
Richard Herd30
MC Gainey20
Lee Majors404050 for items larger than 8x10
Rutanya Alda
Brenda Strong
Belinda Montgomery
Trina Parks
Geri Reischl
Stephen McHattie25
Robert MacNaughton
Bianca Hunter20
Noel Guglielmi25
Mackenzie Lintz
Madison Lintz302040
John James40
Kim Richards30
Ike Eisenmann25
Lee Montgomery
Marton Stephens25
Lisa Loring
Tiffini Saint Renae
Antonio Fargas2010
Toni Hudson
Barbara Leigh
Chris Marquette25
Ray Mercer
Conrad Brooks
Brian Bonsall25
Don Jamieson
Ricky Steamboat
Howard Finkel
Lanny Poffo
Andrew Anderson
Greg Valentine
Brian Knobs
Jerry Sags
Rob Van Dam
Dennis Dunaway15He also had a book available for 30
Michael Bruce15
Neal Smith15
Richie Scarlet
Bobby Steele

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