Sunday, May 10, 2015

Niagara Falls Comic Con - June 5-7, 2015 - Niagara Falls, Canada

Anyone who goes to this show and can report back, please drop a line. I am curious as to the published pricing. There are a few folks appearing who I have met, some cases multiple times, who have never charged for a table photo who are charging here. I am wondering if these prices are if you just want a photo and they still include if you buy an autograph. (that is why I left the combo column empty)

NameAutographPhotoComboPro Photo OpNotes
David Hasselhoff606070/80 with KITT
Sean Astin5050/135 Goonies ReunionNo Table Photos
Cassandra Peterson353040
Billy Dee Williams5060No Table Photos
Alfonso Ribiero403040
Scott Wilson402040
Ryan Hurst503060
Linda Blair404050
Manu Bennett503060
Catherine Bach404070 w/ The General Lee
Robert Davi3030(single/Fratelli Bros/Goonies) 40/90/135
Joe Pantoliano3030(single/Fratelli Bros/Goonies) 40/90/135
Nichelle Nichols
Garrett Wang402050
Json Priestley 404050
Margot Kidder303040
Kristy Swanson403050
Patricia Quinn302040
Colin Baker404050
Richard Hatch303040
King King Bundy3030
Iron Sheik2020
Nikolai Volkoff2020
Terry Kiser251035
Christopher Macdonald202030
David Yost302040
Karen Ashley302040
Ken Foree303040
Ted White252535
Tom Savini3030
Ari Lehman2020

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